Dr. Alexandre Mangeot


Following his thesis in space propulsion with CNES and Roxel, Alexandre brings his knowledge of hybrid space propulsion and his propulsion system design skills. He is at the origin of the technological innovation developed by Hybrid Propulsion for Space. He also led Mars 160 expeditions organized by the Mars Society.

Sylvain Bataillard


Sylvain worked for the Military Applications Department of CEA, as well as for ArianeGroup on military programs. Originally from aeronautics and its regulatory aspects (EASA / FAA). He brings his skills in tests engineering, safety and regulations.

Vincent Rocher

On-board electronics & software lead engineer

Having worked on military programs within Thales as well as ArianeGroup, Vincent brings his skills in electromechanical design and manufacturing processes. Actively passionate about technology, he is always looking for new challenges.

Alexis Azoulai

Business Developper

Previously in charge of development in an NGO, Alexis co-organized an international conference at UNESCO with the presence of European ministers and elected representatives. He brings his skills in business strategy and communication.


Jean-Jacques Dordain

Jean-Jacques Dordain began his scientific career in the field of propulsion and rocket boosters at ONERA. He was selected by CNES as a candidate astronaut for Spacelab program. He taught at Ecole Centrale Paris, ISAE-SupAero, Ecole Polytechnique and ENSTA. Lately, was the Director of Launchers at ESA before being Director General from 2003 to 2015.

Emeric D’Arcimoles

Emeric D’Arcimoles has founded several companies in Europe in deeptech and innovative industries. He worked at Snecma and Hispano-Suiza. He was the CEO of Turbomeca and Microturbo, and lately deputy director of international development at Safran. More recently, he was the President of the Paris Air Show organized in connection with the French presidency.

Philippe Clermont

Philippe Clermont has 30 years of experience in deeptech (IT, telecom, aerospace, defense) markets and laboratories. He worked at the direction of the strategy at DGA and participated at the steering committee of R&D programs of the aerospace sector. He founded an IT startup backed by American VCs. He is now founder and President of Sully Partners.

Richard Heidmann

Richard Heidmann participated to the genesis of Ariane program, before spending most of his career at Snecma, devoted to rocket propulsion. He was quality manager then director of programs at the large liquid propulsion department of Snecma. He was afterwards nominated director of R&T orientation.






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