Hybrid Rocket Engine

The next best thing to happen for space industry

Hybrid Rocket Engines (HREs) have the potential of becoming the best of rocket propulsion technologies. It is low-cost to develop, manufacture and operate. It cannot explode and uses harmless propellants with no associated toxicity. Thrust modulation, thrust termination and re-ignition are possible, allowing the landing of HRE powered boosters and multiple orbits upper-stage mission.

Combustion efficiency associated with low solid propellant flow rate in large size HRE have been barriers that prevented this technology to be used on orbital launcher. Hybrid Propulsion for Space is developing a technology to improve combustion efficiency while ensuring a sufficient solid propellant flow rate for powering rockets.

With the robustness of the HRE and its ability for landing and reusability, hybrid propulsion is the next technological leap for providing access to Space to the greater number.


Hybrid Rocket Engines (HREs) is a propulsive technology with many advantages compared to liquid and solid propellants propulsion, and yet little used in space transportation. To discover these advantages, take a look on how we will change that and be amazed of what can be done with HRE.

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HPS is developing propulsion systems using HRE. We target the vivid and fast growing market of smallsats and its demand for launching opportunities. Based on the market analysis we have sized launchers and their associated engines. Discover their features and drop us a line if you are interested in partnership for building them together.

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Hybrid Propulsion for Space has emerged after a year of work on a technological demonstration and market analysis. It has been co-founded by four associates with a keen interest in space activities. We are settled near Bordeaux, France, a very attractive region for aerospace activities.

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Space activities are fascinating and exciting. Wether you are a space geek or a talented space engineer, we have something in common. Let's have a look at what we can do together.

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